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Spandek Roof

Selling cheap spandek roofs in Jakarta

Atapa is an important part of a building. There are many types and types of building roofs, one of which is spandek. Spandek roof is designed from a mixture of aluminum and zinc. The ratio composition used to make roofing spandek is 55% aluminum and 43% of zinc.

The advantages of spandek roofing:

1. The installation process is fast.
2. Easy installation process.
3. Strong and lightweight, because it is made of a mixture of zinc and aluminum metal with a composition of 43% zinc metal, 55% aluminum metal, the rest is silicone.
4. Flexible and easily shaped according to the shape of the roof.
5. The service life is quite long and can even reach twenty years.
6. Can be painted so that it can be used with a very wide and varied color choices.
7. Spandek roof is resistant to porous and resistant to mold and termites and other insects.
8. The price is affordable.
9. Easy and fast repair and replacement process.
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